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Wheelie Bin information

The recycling service in East Cambridgeshire is in full operation for all those homes who have received their wheelie bins.

The new recycling service involves:


• A blue lidded wheeled bin recycling collection, including paper, glass, food & drinks cans, plastic bottles & hard plastic food containers, cartons and cardboard. This will be collected fortnightly.

• A green lidded wheeled bin collection for garden and food waste. This will also be collected fortnightly.

• Refuse in black sacks continues to be collected weekly. The annual supply of a household’s black sacks is being delivered with the new wheelie bins.


There is also be a fleet of new vehicles for the new services as well as a rescheduling of rounds to reduce carbon emissions.


Properties which have been judged unable to accept wheeled bin services because of space or access issues have been offered an alternative service based on clear sacks for recycling and continuation of the existing brown sack service for food and garden waste. These changes are possible after East Cambridgeshire District Council successfully bid for £5 million from Central Government to fund a new recycling service and retain weekly waste collections last year.


For more information on the waste and recycling service in East Cambridgeshire please visit or call 01353 665555.

What will we collect?

Recyclables - wheeled bin with the blue lid

Yes please:


Newspapers, Magazines, Junk mail, Envelopes, Office paper, Catalogues & brochures, Telephone directories, Cardboard, Glass bottles and jars, Food & drinks cans, Metal lids from jars & bottles, Aerosols, Aluminium foil & cartons, Plastic bottles, Hard plastic food containers (pots, tubs & trays), Food & drinks cartons.

No thank you:

Plastic bags or film, Polystyrene, Food or garden waste, Anything not on the ‘Yes Please’ list

Garden and Food Waste - wheeled bin with the green lid

Yes please:

Garden Waste:

Grass cuttings, Leaves, Hedge cuttings, Prunings, Dead plants/weeds, Small branches (less than 7cm/ 3 inches diameter), Food Waste, including:  Fruit and vegetables, Meat, Meal leftovers, Bones, Tea bags, Egg shells, Natural bedding from vegetarian pets: Straw, Hay, Sawdust, Shredded paper.

Please wrap wet food waste in newspaper or paper bags, not plastic or cornstarch bags even if degradable.

No thank you:

Plastic bags, Flower pots/trays, Stones/rubble, Soil and turf, Cat litter, Animal waste, Poisonous weeds e.g. Japanese Knotweed & Ragwort, Anything not on the ‘Yes Please’ list

Refuse - black sacks


This refuse service is for small items of household waste that are produced on a daily basis and cannot be recycled through existing services.

Sacks must be tied securely to reduce the risk of spillage.

Materials allowed in black sacks include:

Any items which cannot be put in the recyclables or garden & food waste bins unless prohibited.

Plastic waste not allowed in the recycling bin such as toys.

Hygiene waste such as nappies.


No thank you:

It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list, but prohibited items include:

Hot ashes, Car parts, including batteries

Hazardous wastes such as needles, asbestos & corrosive substances including paint & oil

Materials generated from construction, demolition, home improvement or decorating, Soil, Fluorescent tubes/low energy light bulbs, Electrical & electronic equipment, Pesticides & weed killer, Garden waste.

Materials accepted by recycling collections.