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The Friends of Isleham Nature Reserves Constitution

The Friends of Isleham Nature Reserves


1) Name

The name of the Group shall be The Friends of Isleham Nature Reserves. It is herein referred to as 'The Group’. The name of The Group may be amended by resolution at any AGM or EGM.

2) Aims

a) To Encourage, enthuse and inform the local community about nature in Isleham.

b) To organise educational, interesting and enjoyable events for the local community on Isleham’s nature reserves.

c) To assist Cambridgeshire County Council in managing Isleham local Nature Reserve (the disused railway line) including managing habitats, improving access and providing opportunities for the local community.

3) Membership

Any person is eligible for membership. Each member shall be entitled to have one vote. The Chairman of the Management Committee will decide methods of voting, whether show of hands or paper ballot.

4) Management

The administration of the Group shall be undertaken by a Management Committee consisting of no less than five and no more than eight members.

The Management Committee will consist of a chairperson, treasurer, secretary and two other members. One member of the Committee must be a representative of the Council.

The members of the Management Committee shall be elected by the members of the Group at an Annual General Meeting. Members of the Committee shall be elected for a term of two years and will be considered to hold office from the conclusion of the AGM. Re-election is allowed. If a member of the Committee is absent from all meetings of the group held in a six month period without good reason for absence their membership of the Committee will be considered to have lapsed.

The Management Committee will produce a report for the AGM, accounting for activity in the previous year.

5) Right of Veto

The COUNCIL, as the Owner of Isleham Local Nature Reserve, reserves the right to veto any decisions made by the group concerning the site.

6) Annual General Meeting

An AGM shall be held once a year at a place the Committee shall appoint. Twenty one clear days notice of the meeting shall be sent to members. The quorum for transaction of business at an AGM shall be ten members. Nominations for membership of the Committee must be received by the Secretary fourteen days before the AGM.

7) Accounts

The Committee shall be empowered to open a bank or building society account. Cheque's drawn on the account must be signed by two of the three signatories who shall be the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer. A balance sheet and a profit and loss account, subject to audit, shall be presented to the AGM by the Treasurer.

All funds and assets in the possession of the Group shall be held, paid out and applied as the Committee may direct in furtherance of the aims of the Group.

8) Alterations to the Constitution

Proposed alterations to this Constitution must receive the assent of two thirds of the members present and voting at the AGM. A resolution for the alteration of the Constitution must be received by the Secretary at least twenty eight days before the meeting at which the resolution is to be brought forward, so that the Secretary can circulate the proposed amendment to members before the meeting.

9) Expulsion of Members

The Committee shall have the power to expel any member whose conduct is detrimental to the aims of the Group. Members are expected to maintain high standards of conduct. Expulsions shall take place only after the allegedly offending member has been given an opportunity to state his or her case against expulsion. Thereafter the decision of the Committee shall be final

10) Dissolution

The Group shall be dissolved only at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose. Any residual money or property remaining upon the dissolution shall not be paid to members of the Group. All such residues shall be given to one or more organisations with similar objectives to the Group.